We are all looking for affordable replica watches that are identical to the original ones. But where do we find the perfect fake timepieces? What are the best online stores for buying a good quality knockoff? could be one of these reputable sites. Keep reading this review to find out how trustworthy it really is. is a very elegant website with clean aesthetics. Its white page with light banners and black accents is quite friendly and intuitive. Browsing around the collections is really easy and fun thanks to the very detailed Advanced Search bar which includes all you could possibly think of: Gender, Strap Materials, Strap Colors, Dial Colors and Movement. By using this function you will quickly sort the entire collection of replica watches and view just the ones that interest you.

As I was saying earlier, the Advanced Search function makes it really simple to search for your dream replica watch. This option is essential because the store has numerous replica watches brands available and each one includes a wide range of different models. Of course, these are divided into sub-categories, but, when there are so many, organizing them just doesn’t do the trick. The company sells Asian automatic movement knockoffs, Swiss ETA fakes, Japanese Quartz and even Valjoux 7750 replica watches. The prices vary accordingly. The Asian and Quartz movement products cost about 70-170 GBP, the Swiss ETA watches are 190-250 GBP and the Valjoux 7750 fakes are 200-300 GBP.

There are two types of pictures for the replica watches. Some have a white background and some have a gray one. These are clearly from two different sources- maybe two different suppliers. This obviously means that the quality varies from fake watch to fake watch. Still, each item has about 6-7 high quality photos that show the knockoffs from all sides, detailing all the small parts and markings. Furthermore, the products have very thorough and nicely written descriptions that explain all the functions, materials and degree of authenticity. This is really helpful for determining the quality of the imitation watches.

For me, the security of an online order is the most important thing in the world and this is why I pay attention to everything when it comes to the services provided by a replica store. The supported payment methods are a part of this. I totally disapprove with companies that accept only card payments, like does. A reputable site should give you a choice, and because of this it should include other options, such as Western Union, Bank Wire or Money Gram. has something that we all love- free worldwide delivery. That’s right, folks! The delivery is free no matter where you want the package delivered. Intrigued by this very appealing shipping policy, I wanted to see what delivery carrier they are using for getting the order to your door, but I wasn’t able to find this information anywhere on the site. It only states that the package will arrive in about 3-5 business days.

The store guarantees the satisfaction of your order with a 14 days refund and exchange policy. Also, after the first two weeks there is a 180 days free repairs warranty that ensures that your products are protected from any manufacturing defects. Of course, these policies have their negative aspects. For example, all the return costs must be covered by the customers, exchanges and replacements are subject to a 10-40 GBP restocking fee and the items cannot be returned just because you do not like them. These need to be defective.

I can’t say that I was really expecting to find excellent customer service, but at least an email address would have been nice. Unfortunately, cannot be contacted by email, phone or chat. The only form of getting a hold of this company is by using the Contact Form featured on the website. My opinion is that if you can’t easily contact the store at any moment it is better to avoid ordering its products. A reputable company will always have a responsive and professional Customer Care. isn’t a sure bet. It is a replica watches online store that has a friendly appearance, low prices, huge number of diverse fake products, free worldwide delivery and 180 free repairs warranty. But it doesn’t manage to convince me that it is a secure choice because its product pictures are from different sources, it accepts only Visa, it does not have an easy to reach customer service and its return policies are very costly.

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