The main problem with is the fact that the website stops working from time to time, which can be extremely distressing if you spent a few hours searching for a watch. The website is either under maintenance 20 hours every day or simply works really bad. If can be a terrible experience if you are trying to order your watch and this website simply stops responding when you were about to press the purchase button after sending all your details.

If you are somehow able to navigate through this website, you will also notice that their photos have been taken from another website that sells replica watches. This means that you won’t be able to see if you get a good watch or not, since there are no pictures available. Usually, when a website does this, they have low quality watches, so you should watch out for this one if you are planning to buy a watch that doesn’t look terrible. If that isn’t a red flag, we don’t know what is. If they weren’t able to provide pictures with their actual products, they either don’t respect their customers very much, or they might be a scam website. Speaking of scams, they also don’t provide much information about their company, so this might also be a big red flag for those interested in buying from here.

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Another problem with this website is also the fact that it offers limited payment options, you can either pay with Western Union or by credit card, both of these method allowing the website to get your personal information, so if it is indeed a website that scams people, you might be at least reluctant to share such information with it.

Overall the website has a lot of red flags either concerning the quality of their watches or concerning the payment methods; all these can be easily avoided by simply choosing a replica watch seller that seems trustworthy and not go for any type of website that might be selling cheap replicas out there and this website definitely seems like one of the latter.

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