Rating: is a replica watch website that should be avoided; there are so many red flags, even from the first glance that will definitely make you paranoid about all the websites you will be using in the future to make your purchases.

The first thing that we notice is the glittery and shiny design that simply says bad taste. Actually, some customers might even give up ordering from there due to the design alone. But we managed to get over it and proceeded in analyzing the website. There seem to be a lot of deals; however, it seems that they only offer a 5% discount when you actually purchase the watches. Also, if you want to purchase a watch from here, you will notice that the prices they practice are extremely high compared to other websites, and there’s no justification for that. Also, even the watches that are considered deals seem to be extremely high priced so they either increased the price before making the deal or their price was high from the beginning.

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But you won’t get to see how the watches actually are because they seem to have stolen the pictures with the products they sell from another website; this shows a lot of disrespect for their customers and for the products they are selling. They even copied the text for FAQ and the one from the shipping and returning section from other replica watches websites, which means that they didn’t put much effort into this business at all.

Another big red flag is the fact that there is no information about the company either, so if you have any problems with the products, or they don’t want to take them back, there is nowhere you can call to see what can be done. All these seem to be pointing to the fact that this company is either a big scam or they are selling extremely low quality watches and want to make people buy them with no way of returning them. If you can, make sure that you avoid them and try to buy your replica watch from a more trustworthy source.

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