This website is definitely not the one you should buy your replica watch from. Besides the terrible design and graphics, there are other, more severe flaws that you might cope with when ordering your watch.

Although the prices may look very low to those who are looking for a new replica watch, this should actually be a red flag. There is no way a price could be that low and the watch still be high quality, so if you want something that looks cheap and fake, this is the website to buy it from. Unfortunately, we don’t even know how the products look like, since the website actually stole their pictures from another website, as they are watermarked. So, you will not just get low quality watches, you might even get scammed in the end.

Although they have listed many brands, each brand doesn’t have a lot of models, so you might not be able to find your watch anyway there. Also, their text seems to have a lot of grammar mistakes, but at least they wrote it themselves and not just copied it like other websites do. However, this doesn’t clear the fact that they don’t give much attention to the quality they offer.

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The information they provide about the dispute process, the delivery and shipping, but also the quality of their watches is very limited. Actually, every time you click on one of these sections you are taken on the same page, the FAQ page, where about 4-5 questions are answered. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting much information from their page and searching for an email or a way to reach them also seems to be a complicated job.

Another problem is the payment methods section and the only one stated there is Western Union. Unfortunately, not everybody wants to pay with Western Union, so this is also a red flag. Overall, this website is hard to navigate through, has pictures with watches from other websites and definitely looks like a way you might be scammed when trying to buy your product. We would definitely avoid it as much as we could.

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