Leaderwatches.net should have changed their name to bottomwatches.net since they definitely aren’t even near the top. First thing that strikes you, and by striking we mean headaches, is the design of the website, which simply looks like it was done in the beginning of the internet Era. If you are past the 90s design and didn’t get any seizures from all the glitter and blinking parts, you might want to check out the watches there. That’s another type of adventure you will have to go through; first of all, you won’t be viewing any watches unless you wait for a few minutes for the pictures to load, even with a good internet connection. Another problem is the fact that if you click on anything, anything at all, you will be sent on another page and there’s no picture there either. Also, the quality of the pictures is beyond terrible, probably the worst we’ve ever seen, so you won’t be able to see whether that watch is high quality or not, unless you are taking the risk of ordering it.


Another interesting problem you will see is their rating system; apparently they want to keep the ratings for their watches high and you simply cannot give less than two stars for each watch. This is very interesting and only shows that their watches have a pretty big chance of being low quality.   Also, searching for a watch creates a lot of problems as you will have to navigate through the awful categorization system that will annoy you. After you’ve done that you will notice that it won’t work so you will have to go through all the watches to find something that you like or a certain color or style.

Unfortunately you won’t find any information on the Contact Us page as they simply inform you that you should go to the Help Center and ask there for more information. So if you need to know something regarding the payment or shipping you will have to wait until they give you an answer; this will probably make the whole process harder.

This website is terrible and there’s nothing that would make us buy from here.

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