If you were planning to buy a watch, you should reconsider your opinion after visiting this website. Although it has OK products, you might find something better in terms of service and even price. Let’s see why this site is not a candidate for those looking for those looking for an incredible deal.

If you wanted to get a certain model, you should be careful with this website as you might not find what you need; there are very few models available and very few brands that you can choose from, so if you want something that isn’t completely mainstream you will have to look somewhere else.

A big red flag when it comes to is the fact that their FAQ section is entirely copied from another website, which can give us an idea of how much they value their customers and how honest they are. The good thing about the website is the fact that they have a good return and exchange policy, so if you end up hating the watch you bought from them, you can simply send it back and get your money. This shows that they are not worried about the quality of their products. However, that might also be copied word for word from another website.

The watches prices are pretty average, you could definitely find better prices on other websites, but they aren’t too high either, as many other websites practice even higher prices. You will also find that the website will give you a tracking code, which means that you will permanently know where your order will be; that is definitely an advantage, especially during busy periods of the year when you have no idea whether your order will arrive or not. The website also offers coupons, but that is a limited offer for a bunch of people who get the coupons first. Due to this fact, they could be offering false coupons that won’t work when you place your order due to the fact that their coupons may be gone. However, we can’t know that for sure so we will give the website the benefit of the doubt, since it gives us good watches at fairly OK prices.

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